Welcome to Farwell, Texas
On behalf of the Farwell Chamber of Commerce, we are happy to have you!
Farwell isn’t just another of America’s Hometowns. It’s small in size, but big in heart and all the opportunities it offers!
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Conveniently located approximately 90 miles from the two major cities of Lubbock and Amarillo and 10 miles from Clovis, New Mexico, Farwell offers its’ citizens the best of two states!

Farwell serves as the County Seat for Parmer County. The courthouse was built in 1917 after Farwell was officially founded in 1905.

The town itself comes from a very historical background. It is named for the famed Farwell Brothers, of Chicago, who founded the XIT Ranch. The three million acres that the ranch operated on was payment for the construction of a state capitol building in Austin.
the XIT’s ten county spread brings to life the true meaning of the name, “Ten in Texas”!
Farwell is the county seat of Parmer County.
Whether you’re a visitor to Farwell or a lifelong resident, people are our number one concern!
There’s always a friendly smile, cup of coffee or a get-together at the city park.

There are several active churches and civic organizations in Farwell, as well as the Country Club. The Club boasts one of the finest golf courses in the Panhandle! It was even designed by the (then) president of the PGA.

Together with the twin city of Texico, New Mexico, Farwell is proud to host the Annual Border Town Days festivities each year in July.
It features the only parade in America that begins in one state and ends in another!

The Good Samaritans operate a top quality nursing home here in the Farwell Convalescent Center, which is one of the most progressive and caring geriatric facilities in the state.

As an agriculturally based community, Farwell and Parmer County as a whole, maintains several major grain elevators, fertilizer plants and nationally endorsed cattle feeding lots and dairies.
Plus one of the largest egg producing plants in the region.

Farwell is accessed by two major roadways, Highway 60 and Highway 70, 84.
   The educational atmosphere sets Farwell apart from many cities. Our school system prides itself on a strong curriculum for a well rounded program beginning in our pre-Kindergarten classes to the 12th grade.

   Graduates have access to several major colleges and universities nearby, as well as many scholarship opportunities abroad!
And the Farwell Education Foundation offers many scholarships every year.
Farwell offers a top-rated school system.
Farwell boasts a wonderful climate with four distinct seasons! While the winter can be cold and blustery, the average snowfall is a mere five inches.

The Fall is accented by the changing colors, harvests and very pleasant weather.
The Spring and Summer months are in full bloom with growing crops, summer cuttings, the fairs and festivals and warm, sunny weather.

Sports and recreation are two elements that make Farwell so special. The Farwell school system offers complete athletic programs for its students with strong coaching and organization. Farwell boasts championship teams in Football, Basketball (boys and girls) Cross Country and Track and Field.

Farwell’s close proximity to Clovis provides its residents city organized softball, soccer, volleyball and various intramural sports and activities for all ages.
The Farwell Obelisk was remade
through donations
from the Farwell Chamber
and private citizens.
Once the signpost of the west,
it now is a feature of the city park.
The Parmer County Veterans’ Memorial.